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Yeah idk what the title is, I just needed one. I decided to post an update journal since it's valentine's day and all. So, how am I doing? I'm doing better. I dropped the new medicine because it wasn't working and went back to the old one that works. However it comes with certain side effects which is why I went off it. I'm going to have a serious talk with my psychiatrist today about what meds I should/could be taking. I'm really tired of the back-and-forth and side effects and medicines not working. Hopefully I can get something figured out and start feeling better, but unfortunately it's just a process I'm gonna have to endure. I actually meant to have a chapter of Drawn up today but I'll be honest, I still don't feel like writing. Sorry. I owe you guys 2 chapters now for two months worth of chapters. Hopefully I feel better before that number grows too much. Well, I'm off to chillax for now. Cya. ~CCS
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February 14


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